Clone High (known as Clone High U.S.A. in the U.S.) is a Canadian-American adult animated television series created by Phil Lord, Christopher Miller and Bill Lawrence.

Premise Edit

The show takes place in a high school that is secretly run as an elaborate military experiment orchestrated by a government office called the Secret Board of Shadowy Figures, located in the town of Exclamation, USA. The school is populated entirely by clones of famous historical figures, such as Abraham Lincoln, Joan of Arc, Mahatma Gandhi, John F. Kennedy and Cleopatra, who have been created and raised with the intent of having their various strengths and abilities harnessed by the U.S. Military.

Why It Was Cancelled Edit

Controversy aroused when viewers in India spoke in outrage at the show's depiction of Gandhi. MTV made a quick apology for the unintentional offense and decided to pitch a second season in which Gandhi was absent. One of the ideas was to not mention his absence or to reveal that he was actually a clone of Gary Coleman all along, and the show continued as normal. Unfortunately, this attempt at Viacom was quickly rejected.