The Doctor Who title refers to well-known British science-fiction TV show, originally created from 1963 to 1989, and restored in 2005, but also to novels, audio dramas and so on. This page refers to never released TV series intended to be produced in America instead of United Kingdom.


It was intended to be a follow-up to the Doctor Who TV movie, first aired on May 12th, 1996, made as backdoor pilot of the series. This show intended to present the adventures of Eighth Doctor, portrayed by Paul McGann.

Why it Was Cancelled?Edit

Main reason for cancellization of the series was poor rating score of the movie in United States. It recieved only 5.6 million of viewers, which reperesented only 9% of total audience. To compare, the movie recieved 9 millions viewers only in UK, which represented over 70% of entire British audience (according to Audience Appreciation scores).

This resulted in delayment of show's revival to 2005, when BBC relaunched the series and introduced the Ninth Doctor. The Eighth Doctor appeared only in audio dramas, comics and novels, and had no visual appearance until 2013-released special episode The Night of the Doctor, where he regenerates into the War Doctor.